Great Expectations


Most people live in a tension of having expectations about something and subsequently dealing with the reality of whether or not those expectations become a reality.

This happens at work, ministry, marriage, and just about every area of life.

The reality of this tension means people usually do one of two things. They either set high expectations and are disappointed when those are not met or they stop having expectations altogether in order to avoid disappointment.

But there is a viable, healthy third alternative:

Set your expectations high, but be satisfied when you don’t meet them.

Continue to aim high. Dream big and want the best for things in your life. This allows us to accomplish greater things, to excel, and to do more than we think we might have otherwise.

But… whenever you don’t meet the mark set by those high expectations, don’t get discouraged. Be content. Be satisfied knowing that you did what you could and continue having high expectations.

Where do you typically find yourself in this tension?

  • Monna

    As a recovering perfectionist (recovering because nobody’s ACTUALLY perfect, least of all me!), I relate to this post. I am actively learning to commit my plan to God and to be ok with the outcome. Flexibility and contentment are both qualities I’m pursuing in my own life and hoping, by example, to pass on to my kids. Thanks for the reminder, Dono!